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What Does One Need to Consider While Searching for DJ Lights?

dj light

DJs can make nights even better: they need a crowd of energetic people, an inspiring club space, work gear, effective sound and good lighting. People often ignore the last part of the equation.

From the beginning, the light was almost essential for dance music. Living in visual culture, we can see our mood. Both thinking and sound experiences play an important role. Good lighting can make a difference between a fun night and an extraordinary night. It can also illustrate our club values. Do you prefer a dazzlingly high budget landscape or a single light instead of a fire escape? A dazzling power with a spotlight or flash on a star DJ?

Selecting the Right Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

When integrating your lighting system, it is useful to consider the goals you want to achieve. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  •  What kind of space, behaviors and events will I illuminate?
  • What kind of atmosphere do I want to create? wonderful, dramatic, mysterious, Soothing, solemn?
  • Can I use AC power; how many outlets and how many amperes does my lighting require?
  • What existing lighting equipment do I have?
  •  Does the venue I will work have my lighting system?
  • Who will handle lighting setup and control?

Regarding the last question, if you handle your own lighting during the show, remote control, foot pedal control and programmability will be important considerations.

dj lighting

When it comes to DJ lighting, we will see that 5 types of lighting:



#1 Washing Light


Washing lighting means we use light to cover the stage area or other locations. Illuminate the boring walls of the area in different vivid colors and create the ideal atmosphere for the event. For example, if you want to convert a normal white wall into a different color, look for a properly installed and programmed wash light.

These types of lights are perfect for creating LED effects for a variety of favorite parties, clubs, bars and any dance venue.

We also know this model as a floodlight. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be static or mobile. Both versions are easy to place or hang in the most advantageous position on the site. Most LED wash lamps are programmed to mix various combinations of their red, blue and green (RGB) LEDs to produce many tonal variations. Many wash and color changing luminaires are available for sound activation, and some include flashlights, adding to their versatility.

The LED color wash lamp is basically used as a background color and is considered the basis for the lighting setup of each DJ; so remember it when you first purchase DJ lamp.


#2 LED Par Cans

dj light 2

The term LED Par cans are sort of misleading as the “Par” part doesn’t have anything to do with a parabolic reflector as it does in a traditional par can. The reason they are referred to in this fashion is that using par cans as a wash light of color is what these LED units do really well at replacing them. The glorious part is being able to easily change color without having to change the gel, let alone the electrical savings cost.

The lights are perfect for a small party or one that has a super small budget. The construction of DJ par lights is mostly made of tough plastic. They are lightweight and super bright.

Led uplights can be easy to install and controlled by the remote control; You can connect it with DMX system by DMX cables, then manipulate it by remote control.

This type of lamp has multiple control modes, such as DMX512 / Auto Program / Sound Active / Remote Control / Master-Slave


# 3 LED Strope Light


dj STROPE light -6

Do you want to have fun with the next DJ show?

How to create slow-motion effects in live dance movements? It sounds cool.

A strobe light or a simple flash of white light seems to freeze or reverse periodic motion.

With speed control, you can operate manually or automatically and select a flashing flash based on your favorite music or continuous mode.

We use this type of illumination to illuminate a medium sized area; so it can be partially illuminated on the dance floor. They are popular in dance clubs. I recommend using the LED strobe as a supplement to the DJ lighting settings.


#4 Laser Lights


Are you willing to let everyone dance from dusk to dawn?

Laser light is the way to go.

By ejecting a color laser beam along this area, it brings a different new level of illumination results.

These lights are great and you can create an exciting atmosphere on the dance floor, including liquid skies, text, graphics, animations and more. Your friends will love it.

It usually uses them in groups, and a good way is to place them at different angles to create a variety of color effects on walls and ceilings.

Today, thanks to the glorious DMX controller, controlling lighting is a simple and comfortable task for DJs. Most lighting has a DMX mode connected to the DMX controller, which sends a wireless signal to the lights to activate certain prompts or pre-programmed modes, change colors, and move the lights as required by the DJ.


#5  LED Follow Spot Light


One of the most famous examples of hard-edged lights, they are also in the spotlight category and are used in many productions. To follow a particular feature or performer on the stage, the following point projects a narrow beam the operator can move that.

 Combine all your lighting together

dj light

At the end of the day, all of this knowledge has a reason – to create a great show for your audience and customers.

When you start using DJ lighting, the most important thing to remember is that it is not necessarily very large, perfect or gorgeous. We all started somewhere, but the first thing is to make the ball bigger and bigger and better.

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