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Top 10 Best LED Parking Lot Light Pole Mounted in 2019

parking lot light

Today, there are really no disadvantages to using led parking lot light. They are 70% more energy efficient and provide much lower light pollution and a less invasive lighting color than before. Cost effective, easy to install, and virtually zero maintenance for 5 or more years in most cases. Perfect for parking lots, roadways, backyard, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street lights and vapor lamps.

Picking a good led street light can be tricky. There are so many of the lamps on the market. They come at all brands, wattages and prices. In this article, we will choose the top 10 parking lot light according to their functions and most typical features.

 solar led street light-1best led streetlight-2led street light 60w -3LED street light-4LED street light-5
TitleALPHA 1080X Solar Street LightLEDMO LED Parking Lot Lights Gebosun Area LightingKadision LED Parking Lot LightAntLux LED Parking Lot Lights
LumenMax 13002600072001950026000
IP Waterproof6565656566
Dimmable NoNoNoNoNo
Ajustable AngleYesYesNoYesNo
Unit Price$$ 70-80$$ 180-190$$ 60-70$$ 140-150$$ 160-170
Price on Amazon Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price Check Price
Most functionalHighest review starsMost resistant to low temperaturesMost waterproof
 LED street light-6led street light-7LED street light-8led street light-9led street light-10
TitleHyperikon LED Parking Lot Lights NextGen II LED Parking Lot LightsEverWatt LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light Hykolity LED Parking Lot Light NextGen LED Parking Lot Lights
Watt200W300W150W 150W 150W
IP Waterproof6565656565
Dimmable YesNoNoYesNo
Ajustable AngleNoYesYesYesYes
Price$$ 200-210$$ 280-290$$ 150-160$$ 120-130$$ 140-150
Price on AmazonCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Most considerate serviceMost brightMost energy efficientMost competitive prices

1. ALPHA 1080X Street Light – Most functional

If you are looking for a low-power parking lot light, then I would not hesitate to recommend ALPHA 1080X. The following four reasons are enough to convince you.

3-mode setting. GREEN LED indicator: dusk to dawn lighting, PIR sensor does not function. BLUE LED indicator: PIR function is activated, dim mode 165 lumen, full brightness 1300 lumen. RED LED indicator: PIR function is activated, light is turned on when detecting motion, no motion no light/ complete darkness.

No Trenching–Because the Alpha 1080X is a standalone, self-contained Solar Street Light System, you need not pay the additional costs of digging trenches for your underground wiring and running an underground wire from the nearest electrical transformer to your lighting system.

No Electric Meter–With the Alpha 1080X there is no need to meter your lighting system. This means you save the cost of purchasing and installing a meter, and the electrical connection fees.

No Electric Usage and Demand Charges–Because the Alpha 1080X is entirely Solar Powered, you need not pay for electrical usage. Once fully charged, the battery power can last 2-3 days in a cloudy condition.


  • mode setting
  • Replaceable battery
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket for Optimum Sunlight Exposure


  • A bit expensive
  • Not bright enough


2. LEDMO 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

best led streetlight-2

This LED area light is designed to slip-fit onto a round pole or several mounting options (sold separately) for walls, ceilings, and on the sides of round or square poles.

With photocell sensor, the outdoor led flood lights can turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.

The 85×140 degree beam angle covers a large area. The IP65’s waterproof is effective against rain. This powerful, energy-efficient LED area light uses just 200 watts of power — comparable to a 750-watt HID fixture!


  • ETL DLC Listed
  • Photocell enabled
  • IP 65
  • Good price


  • Non-Dimmable
  • Need additional purchase adaptor to transform the slip fitter into arm mounting


3. Gebosun Area Lighting – Highest review stars

led street light 60w -3

If you want to replace a 150-200W HID light, Gebosun 60W Dusk to Dawn LED will be your teammate.UL&FCC-listed for quality assurance and safe operation. Waterproof IP65, 6000K Daylight for Outdoor illumination.

The only complaint is that you can’t adjust the angle of the light to shine more outward but the mount is fixed.


  • ETL DLC Listed
  • IK Rank: 10
  • IP 65
  • Photocell enabled
  • Good price


  • Can not adjust the angle of the bracket


4. Kadision 150W LED Parking Lot Light- Most resistant to low temperatures

LED street light-4

When I saw in the description that this lamp can withstand the ultra-low temperature of -40 °F, I was really surprised. If Kadision is accurate, it’s really great. As a professional seller of led lamps, Kadision products have been performed well On Amazon.

Kadision 150 Watts LED parking lot light is super high-efficiency with 130lm/W at 5000 Kelvin. The lamp emits 19500 lumens of bright cool white light and it’s the perfect replacement for 500W metal halide, high-intensity discharge or high pressure sodium fixtures.


  • ETL DLC Listed
  • IP 65
  • Working Temp.: -40°F – 122°F (-40 °C ~50°C)
  • Photocell enabled
  • Adjustable slip flitter mount


  • Too bright


5. AntLux 200W LED Parking Lot Lights- Most waterproof

LED street light-5

The IP65 waterproof rating is already available for outdoor use. But between IP65 and IP66, how would you choose? Especially in areas where hurricanes often attack. Maximum output of 26000lm at a stunning led efficiency of 125lm/w. To replace existing Metal Halide / HPS lights or make a new installation with the led parking lot lighting.

Dusk to dawn photocell sensor included for automatically at dusk and off when the dawn comes. They are heavy-duty aluminum cooling fin structure with excellent heat dissipation stable performance.


  • Good price
  • ETL DLC Listed
  • IP 66
  • Photocell enabled


  • Can not adjust the angle of the bracket
  • Non-Dimmable


6. Hyperikon LED Parking Lot Lights- The Most considerate service

LED street light-6

These Shoebox LED’s have a lumen count of 24,000 with a wider beam angle of around 150 degrees. Most important, the LED Shoebox light’s smooth dimming capabilities from 100-20% with modern LED dimmers allow you to control the look and mood of your space. To ensure trouble-free operation, it provides protection against input surge, output over-voltage, short-circuit, and over temperature.

Installation problems have been plaguing the vast number of customers.

I needed an adjustable slip fitter instead of the rigid mount that comes with the unit, called Hyperikon and they shipped me the slip fitter for free.

Arm mounting for square pole and more mounts available upon request. So if you have any mounting problems, call Hyperikon.


  • ETL Listed
  • Dimmable
  • IP 65
  • Photocell enabled
  • Good service


  • Can not adjust the angle of the bracket
  • A little bit expensive


7. RuggedGrade 300 Watt  LED Parking Lot Lights – Most bright

led street light-7

If you think 20,000 lumen or even 30,000 Lumen is still not bright enough, then choose RuggedGrade.

300 Watt LED puts out 40,000 Lumens and can replace a 1000 watt Metal halide MH or HPS/HID light. 5000K light color ensures a bright clear light. seldom can offer over 135 lumens per watts while using Meanwell and Phillips products at these prices on Amazon.

The unit also has photocell for dusk to dawn usage. You can remove it if not needed. The unit comes with an adjustable slip mount designed to fit on standard circular poles. With slip mount, the LED Parking Lot light can be angled up or down depending on if you are mounting vertical or horizontal.

However, please determine the illuminance level and installation height before purchasing. Some customer reviews it is too bright


  • UL Listed and DLC Premium
  • IP 65
  • Super bright
  • Meanwell driver and Phillips leds
  • Adjustable slip mount


  • Too bright


8. EverWatt 150W LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light- Most energy efficient

LED street light-8

Incredible 140 lumens/W. This means that the luminaire produces the highest brightness at the same wattage. The 5000K (Kelvin) light temperature is bright white perfect for outdoor parking lot pole lights, sports fields and stadiums, street lights, or any place you’d use a shoebox/pole light

You can get replacements in days (not months) for a worry-free purchase. EverWatt will even throw in alternative mounting hardware needed for free (slip fitters, yoke mounts, direct-arm). They also include a free built-in photocell.


  • UL Listed and DLC Premium
  • IP 65
  • 140 LM/W
  • Slip mount or arm mount


  • Screws may not long enough


9. Hykolity 150W LED Parking Lot Light  – Most competitive prices

led street light

As one of the most recognized brands in the industry, Hykolity 150W LED Parking Lot Light contains both square and round pole installation accessories. You can angle the led shoebox light fixture up or down from –30~+30 degree with an adjustable arm mount.

1-10v dimming standard for a dimming range of 10% to 100%. Rated over 50,000 hours of use, that’s about 23 years @ 6 hours/ day. This 150w led parking lot light provides 19500 Lumens at 5000K daylight white. With Light efficiency 130lm/w, Ideal to replace traditional 400w metal halide.

Hykolity commercial LED area flood Light is DLC Complied and thus eligible for state and nationwide rebate programs.


  • UL Listed and DLC Premium
  • IP 65
  • 1-10v dimming
  • Square or round pole mount
  • Adjustable bracket


  • The wire may not long enough


10. NextGen 150W LED Parking Lot Lights

led street light-10

If you don’t want photocell for dusk to dawn usage, you can choose The extGen 150W LED Parking Lot Lights  150W LED 20,060 Lumen DLC Premium certified light can replace a 500 watt Metal halide MH or HPS/HID light.

Unit comes with an adjustable slip mount designed to fit on standard circular 2 – 2.4inches poles. With slip mount, you can angle the LED Parking Lot light up or down depending on if you are mounting


  • UL Listed and DLC Premium
  • IP 65
  • Adjustable bracket


  • No photocell

LED Street Light / Parking Lot Light Buyers Guide in 2019

Unlike indoor lighting, LED parking lot light fitting needs lots of efforts, and anyhow, if you choose the wrong one, then you have to bear heavy maintenance cost. This can excessively shake your budget. Always keep this thing in mind:

Cheap LED street light = High Maintenance Cost

To choose the best quality LED street lights, we will discuss the two quality factors, that is the overall construction of LED street lights & power supply.

structure of parking a lot lihgt

Power: Protection and Technology

Parking lot light is used for outdoor use. Therefore, power conditions are critical. The power supply must fight against the worst electric conditions, such as lightning strikes during the rainy season and storms. In indoor lighting, the luminaire may not require additional surge protection. However, the outdoor power supply must have good surge protection and high voltage protection, otherwise, it may malfunction. The following are the quality factors for good power supply.

The overall structure of the street lamp:

You may wonder why I did not list the quality of LED chips as the second most important thing. In fact, if you provide a good power supply, LED chips have a theoretically unlimited life. An LED chip is a solid-state device whose efficiency decreases.

If the street lamp is poorly structured, it may fail due to many reasons. Some are given:

  • Protective glass rupture, waterproof failure
  • The body is rusty because of rain/weather
  • The body is broken by animals or any other physical shock
  • Waterproof gaskets age rapidly due to poor quality

The body of a high-quality LED street light must have the following qualities:

  • Die-cast Aluminum powder coating which can resist sunlight, heavy wind and corrosion
  • Minimum 4mm Toughen Glass
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Stainless steel based screws and other small parts

parking lot lihgt before after


Therefore, if you are looking for one, consider going through the guide above for a good purchase. The outline above will help you understand what to look into when searching for the best, and highlights some of the best products in the market. Do you have a better-LED parking lot recommended for readers?

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