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5 Things You Need To Know When Buying UFO High Bay Lights

ufo led high bay light

When we choose UFO led high bay fixtures on Amazon or other lighting shopping sites, we face a variety of parameters, such as lm/w, beam angle, CRI and so on. Sometimes these parameters are difficult for us to understand. We may ask ourselves what are they talking about? OK. Based on my factory experience in the past 3 years, I will list the most worthwhile and most helpful aspects to help you choose the right UFO led high bay light. Of course, the following points also have some reference value for purchasing some other light fixtures, but here we focus on UFO led high bay. Let’s go! We’ll take a deeper dive here, to let you know the 5 most important things when buying a UFO lamp.

1.  Why are they so expensive?

UFO high bay led as new commercial lighting, it uses a lens light distribution design, no additional reflector light distribution. Therefore, the conventional LED high bay light is not easily deformed during transportation, which also results in relatively low transportation costs.

UFO led high bay light fixtures has good color rendering so the real color is more realistic. It eliminates the suppressed emotion caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, which makes the visual comfort and improves the working efficiency of workers.


Made from top of LEDs, this ultra-efficient lamp produces 110-140 lumens per watt, which is 30% brighter than standard high-bay fixtures. A waterproof, dimming driver with a rugged and lightweight die-cast aluminum housing for outstanding durability. Good waterproof and dustproof performance make them can be widely used in various harsh environments. More importantly, their life expectancy exceeds 50,000 hours.

2.  Where will you use them most?

warehouse led light

UFO commercial led light bulbs offer unparalleled performance in a compact and lightweight package for a variety of high-bay applications. You can use them in the following situations:

  • Warehouse
  • Shop
  • Stadium
  • Garage
  • Industrial Plants
  • Exhibition area

3. Focus on Lumens,  not Watts

Why lumens? This is because more efficient bulbs waste less energy to produce the same brightness – they consume less power. We use lumens per watt (LM/W)  to measure the energy efficiency of the led high bay light – the higher the better! At the same 100W power, different light efficiency luminaires will produce different illumination levels. The comparison of the picture below shows this.

hid and led

“While watt measurements are familiar to consumers and have been featured on the front of light bulb packages for decades, watts are a measurement of energy use, not brightness,” the US Federal Trade Commission said in a press release.

As a result, reliance on watt measurements alone makes it difficult for consumers to compare traditional incandescent bulbs to more efficient bulbs, such as compact fluorescents.

LED is currently the most stable, safest, environmentally friendly and luminously efficient artificial light source used by humans. The curves for each color represent the different types of artificial light source efficacy (lights), which all change over time.

[visualizer id=”30″]

The deep blue curve represents the Incandescent light bulb: in the 1880s, when the incandescent lamp was first invented, its light efficiency was very low, almost less than 20 lm/w.

Then with the development of the times and the improvement of technology, the luminous efficacy of incandescent lamps is getting higher and higher, but it can reach 20lm/w at most, which is caused by its principle of illumination.

Halogen lamp has an overall upward trend in the development of the river, but its principle also limits its light efficiency cannot be greatly improved.

While other light sources have some improvement, they are not as fast as LED lights (LEDs are essentially an electronic product, and its ability to increase speed is extremely high).

Since the beginning of the use of white LED lights, it has only been used in just a few years to increase its luminous efficiency to 160lm / w, until recently its light efficiency is still rising rapidly.

4.  Why we require UL or ETL?

ul etl dlc

In electrical products, such as lighting fixtures, UL and ETL will be specifically tested to ensure that they do not malfunction and cause a fire or other safety hazards.

If a product is UL or ETL listed, or certified, it is considered to be safe to the public. This is why commercial building codes almost always require UL or ETL lists.

In terms of lighting, UL is a more common sign than ETL. But there really is little difference between the two. Both UL and ETL are recognized as NRTLs, or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates and recognizes NRTLs.

Among the manufacturers I have contacted, not every luminaire manufacturer has UL or ETL certification. On the one hand, the cost of obtaining and maintaining certification costs thousands of dollars per year; on the other hand, the UL and ETL certification procedures are more stringent than CE certification in Europe. Not all products can easily pass this certification. How many high

5.  How many UFO bay led light bulbs do I need?

Before we discuss the most suitable quantity, wattage, and height for a high bay fixture, let’s take a look at the lighting brightness (lumen/m2) reference for a different set of occasions.

[visualizer id=”32″]

After we understand the illumination requirements for different occasions, what we need to do next is:

  1. Measure the length, width, and height of your store, garage or warehouse
  2. Refer to the above table to determine your lux requirements.
  3. Use the lighting design software such as DiaLux to calculate the wattage, angle of illumination, number, mounting height, and the installation position of the lamps you need.

Not everyone is a lighting designer. But using these programs can really save you hundreds of dollars. If you don’t have this professional software, please explain to your lighting store owner at 1, 2 points, they will give you a more referenced answer. Or consult an electrician you know is also a good choice.

Here is an example:

Then assume that there is such a warehouse, 10m (32.8 ft) long, 10m (32.8 ft)  wide, and 5m high (16.4 ft). I use UFO 150 watt led high bay lights. The beam angle is 120°, and the luminous efficiency is 120 lm. /w. The installation height of the luminaire is 4.5m (14.7 ft).

Method 1: 1*150w luminaire

The average lx calculated is 120 lx. We intercepted False Color Rendering and 3D Rendering results.

 150w ufo high bay

Method 2*150w luminaires

The average lx calculated is 219 lx. We intercepted False ColorRenderingg and 3D Rendering results.

 150w ufo high bay

From the above table, we can know that the average illumination requirement of the warehouse is 150 lx. So for a warehouse that is 10m (32.8 ft) long, 10m (32.8 ft) wide, and 5m (16.4 ft) high, we can use Method 2 to meet the illumination requirements of the warehouse.


When you finish reading this article, maybe you can focus on some important points when you buy UFO lights. Here we highlight the five aspects you need to pay attention to:

  • LED lights are much more expensive than HID/HPS lamps
  • You can use them in Warehouses, Shop, Stadiums, Garage, Industrial Plants and Exhibition areas
  • Luminous efficiency LM/W tends to be more worthy of attention than wattage
  • Products should have UL or ETL certification
  • Calculate the number of fixtures you need by simulation to save money

Of course, in addition to some of the above data, there are some parameters that I have not listed, which is not to say that they are not important. Here I list some of the most important aspects to be aware of when buying a led high-bay bulb.

Do you have any questions that I did not mention in the guide?


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