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The 10 Best Tiffany Table Lamp on Amazon in 2019

Tiffany lamp

This article is a complete buyers’ guide to Tiffany lamps. As for their history, you can check this Tiffany Lamps: The Illuminating History of the Iconic Stained Glass Fixtures.

How to produce a tiffany lamp

Original Stained Glass

The Stained Glass Color is Nature not been Painted. In different Area, the color is different too, So the tiffany lamp is unique with High collection value.

Cut Stained Glass To Small Pieces

The craftsman should cut the big piece stained glass into thousands of small pieces, and smooth all the edge of the glass.

Surrounding and Classification

The craftsman bind the small glass with copper foil, this can help the glass be weld with tin one by one.

Welding with Tin

The craftsman put the small glass into the model according to the pattern, and weld the glass with tin.

5 things you need to know before buying tiffany lamp

If you choose to buy on Amazon, the following aspects may help you make the best choice:

  1. They are not very tall and not good for reading by.
  2. 60 watts is the highest you should use but maybe check with the manufacturer.
  3. Dimmers and bulbs was available but sold separately.
  4. The shade is made of glass. If anyone is skeptical there is an easy way to check glass versus plastic and that would be to heat a pin. Plastic (on any kind will melt and glass will not.)

Here, in order to save your time, I choose the best 10 Tiffany Lamp on Amazon.

tiffa-Amora Lighting
5 pounds
14 inches$50-60
Buy on Amazon
4.2 stars
60+ review
5.5 pounds18 inches$70-80
Buy on Amazon
4.6 stars
150+ review
tiffany table lampWERFACTORY
3.3 pounds22 inches$70-80
Buy on Amazon
4.4 stars
30+ review
tiffany table lampWERFACTORY
5 pounds18 inches$80-90
Buy on Amazon
4.6 stars
45+ review
tiffany table lampChloe
11.2 pounds21.9 inches$110-120
Buy on Amazon
4.4 stars
100+ review
tiffany table lampChloe
12 pounds22 inches$130-140
Buy on Amazon
4.5 stars
100+ review
tiffany table lampChloe
10 pounds24.5 inches$150-160
Buy on Amazon
4.3 stars
190+ review
tiffany table lampRobert Louis Tiffany
16.5 pounds26 inches$190-200
Buy on Amazon
4.4 stars
50+ review
tiffany table lampRobert Louis Tiffany
15.3 pounds26.8 inches$220-230
Buy on Amazon
4.7 stars
80+ review
tiffany table lampFranklin Iron Works
17.3 pounds29 inches$210-220
Buy on Amazon
4.6 stars
130+ review

1.  Tiffany Style White Grey Vintage Antique Table Lamp

Tiffany Lamp table

The lamp shade is beautiful. However, the shade keeps tilting forward and I have to keep tightening the screw the more I have to pull the chain to turn on/off. Also, the base looks like a painted brown, not exactly how I imagined it. It is neutral with milky white and iridescent clear glass pieces. We put a soft white oblong bulb in it after trying a regular bulb and I think the oblong bulb looks nicer. We actually bought 2 of these lamps because I thought they would look nice at each desk space in our home office.  –Rene


The colors are very neutral/subtle (white/clear) and would go with almost any decor.

There is not much introduction to this light on Amazon.

But all the comments on this product seem to be true. If you are considering buying it, this will be an important reference for you.

After all, it is difficult for you to beat him at the price.

2.  WERFACTORY 18 Inch Tall Sea Blue Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany Lamp

This lighter take on one of Tiffany’s most famous designs is a great bedside or end table lamp for the price.

The lampshade is a graphically beautiful combo of deep-sea blues/greens when it’s off, and muted blues/greens when it’s on—with twinkling splashes of aqua and champagne thanks to the nuggets/cabochons.

Not only does it provide beautiful warm light to illuminate your spaces, but it also as a Hand Artcrafts for collection.

It’s the perfect light for bedrooms and living rooms, as it’s gorgeous enough to provide soft warm lighting and a warm cozy ambiance, but isn’t so harsh that it overwhelms the space.


3. WERFACTORY Crystal Bead Sea Blue Dragonfly Style Tiffany Lamps

tiffany table lamp

The bronze color of the lamp and the leaves on the frame are neutral enough that it can go with any decor. The blues and whites in the lamp shade are very subtle and soft, which work as a very nice accent light.

You can add an Edison dimmer bulb with Alexa capabilities to this, so you can control it with Amazon Dot system, and it works perfectly!

If you decide to do the same, don’t skimp and get any kind of smart bulb, it has to be the Edison type that’s unhooded, so it doesn’t obstruct the glow of the bulb through the stained glass shade.

Also, make sure it’s a soft white bulb too.


4. WERFACTORY Blue Purple Baroque Tiffany Style Table Lamps

tiffany table lamp

The base is a bit cheap looking considering the price but really who is looking past the beautiful glass.

It is stated as being blue/purple-colored. It is more blue than purple.

I just kinda wish it would have been more purple than blue.


5. Chloe Lighting Tiffany-Style Victorian 2-Light Table Lamp

tiffany table lamp

The lamp is made of real stained glass – but these types of pieces don’t necessarily have the sound of regular glass pieces when pinged with a finger.

The base is definitely a resin, maybe cold cast bronze, but still looks nice.

You can buy dimmable LED lights and a dimmer on amazon.

Typically, these lights are used for ambiance rather than tons of light – but with the dimmer and dimmable LED bulbs I can go either way (bright for light/reading or more dim for ambiance and a little light).

Also, the lamp comes with an oily sort of coating, which produces an odor when lit/heated.

You can remove this oily coating by wiping the shade multiple times (when the lamp is off) with facial tissues.


6. Chloe Grenville Tiffany-Style Table Lamp

tiffany table lamp

This Lamp is actually more beautiful than the picture. When the lights are on it looks like the lower portion is pearl white and when the lights are off it looks like a lovely sky blue.

The Lamp is very sturdy (up to 12 pounds) and It appears to be as nice as a Tiffany Lamp.

The base is a little lighter in weight but the shade is as good as any Tiffany Lamp I have seen.

I don’t think anyone who likes the colors from the picture would be disappointed with this Lamp. And I think most people would agree, this Lamp is even prettier in person.

And there is one thing that may be the Chloe pull chains are rough when pulled.


7. Chloe Tiffany-Style Victorian 3 Light Double Lit Table Lamp

tiffany table lamp

This is a beautiful lamp. Gorgeous colors on or off. The colors are more on the green blue side than turquoise as pictured.

The base is like the metal of some kind.  It actually is molded resin to make it look like metal. This makes the lamp a little top-heavy.

There are two pull chains under the lampshade and one rotary switch on the cord. The only thing you are bummed about is the base is always on when the lamp is on.

There are three options for this lamp one or both bulbs lit and the base lit too or only the base lit and used as a dim night light.


8. Traditional Table Lamp Blossoming Bronze Leaf and Vine Glass

tiffany table lamp

I really love blossoming Leaf and vine bronze design.

A bronze finish base features vine and leaf swirls with a delicate design along the bottom.

The green leaf glass shade has earth-toned jewels with bronze and amber bands trimming the gallery.


9. Ranier Mission Table Lamp with Nightlight Bronze Stained Glass

tiffaby table lamp

The main difference between an authentic Tiffany lamp and these excellent reproductions is just the fact the originals were generally each one of a kind or a limited production.

While the reproductions here use some modern production techniques, the completed product has a sense of quality and use experience identical to the original.

This lamp is an outstanding piece of art. The base is the highlight of the lamp.

The glass pieces that make up the shade are beautifully crafted.

The color variations in each glass piece along with the shade design with a combination of rippled glass and flat pieces is outstanding.


10.  Franklin Iron Works Drake Tiffany Style Table Lamp

tiffany table lamp

The lamp base is metal. It is heavy. It has a feeling of solidity and feels well made.

There is a predominately dark brown color to the base, and the edges of the design have a copperish tinge to them. The lighter edging color highlights the unique look of the lamp.

The top is glass, or at least appears to be glass, and it is heavy. While the top looks whitish, the lamp gives off a warm yellowish hue.

If you put LED daylight bulbs in the lamp, the hue will be a little less yellow, but it remains warm and inviting.

The bulb sockets are well machined and firm. There is no play in the lamp except in the shade, which, for obvious space considerations, is the one thing that you, as the customer, will be attaching to the lamp.


“The best Tiffany lamps have mosaics of hundreds of individually selected glass shards that form a harmonious shadow,” is a good example of the price on the market today, between $100,000 and $150,000.

Tiffany lamps with floral patterns and vibrant colors are the most sought-after examples on the market today.

Although Amazon does not sell for ‘real’ Tiffany lights, if you have a limited budget, they will be your best friends.

Moreover, their quality will exceed your expectations.

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