The 10 Best LED Flood Lights for Backyard in 2019 – Buyers’ Guide

led flood light outdoor

When it comes to the visibility of outdoor yards, LED flood lights to play a crucial, irreplaceable role.

Floodlights provide us with a great way to keep our gardens or backyards well lit. They are also essential in lighting up your garage in case you’re working on your car or need to carry out a task outside in the night. A poorly lit home with dark corners is an easier target for a burglar. Having no floodlights at all typically tells the burglar, “No one is home- come on in,”

However, you can purchase the best outdoor flood lights to ensure better security of your home and family. Making a choice doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, we are here to inform you of all you need to know and help you make the best choice.

Before we check the list, you need to know the two points below:

#1 Where do you apply these led flood light bulbs?

First, you must decide what area you want to be covered.

Are you looking for a motion-activated light by your back door? Do you want to light up your backyard or driveway at night? Or are you looking for a way to add beautiful accents to the facade of your home?

It’s only after you decide how much of the outdoor area of your property you wish to light up by the flood light–you can decide how many lights you require and also what type. If you wish the lighting to offer lighting to precise locations such as the terrace and front of your house, then buying 2 lights should be adequate.

Brightness is also a concern. Brightness is expressed in lumens. Basically, the more space you want to illuminate, the more lumens you need.

Choosing the right number of lumens is key. Too little and you won’t get enough light. Too many are overkill.

#2 Take care to be thoughtful of your neighbors

Once you figure out where you want the light to be, you have to spend some time working out where the actual light should be mounted to create the effect you’re looking for.

When figuring all this out, take care to be thoughtful of your neighbors. You don’t want your led flood light exterior to interfere with their home or their ability to enjoy their home.

For example, it’s a bad idea to install a light that will shine directly in one of their windows.

If you don’t get along with your neighbors, you might not care, but keep this in mind. Some municipalities have laws against nuisance lighting. Not only can they report you to the authorities but you might have to pay a fine and remove the light.

Careful planning can avoid all this, whether or not you like your neighbors.

OK. Let’s go to the topic.

ModelWattlumenKelvinPriceAmazon Review
led flood light-150W
6000K$ 30-40
Buy it on Amazon
4.4 out of 5 stars
led flood light-60w-260W
5000K$ 30-40
Buy it on Amazon
4.5 out of 5 stars
led flood light 100w-3100W

3000k/6000k$ 30-40
Buy it on Amazon
4.3 out of 5 stars
led flood light 100w-3100W
5000K$ 60-70
Buy it on Amazon
4.4 out of 5 stars
led flood light 100w-5100W

6500K$ 30-40
Buy it on Amazon
4.4 out of 5 stars
led flood light 150w-6150W

3000k/6000k$ 50-60
Buy it on Amazon
4.3 out of 5 stars
led flood light 200w-7 200W

6000K$ 100-120
Buy it on Amazon
4.5 out of 5 stars
led flood light 400w-8400W
$ 180-190
Buy it on Amazon
4.4 out of 5 stars
led flood light 400w-8400W

6000K$ 180-190
Buy it on Amazon
4.2 out of 5 stars
led flood light 500w-10500W
50000 lm
6000K$ 220-240
Buy it on Amazon
4.5 out of 5 stars

1. EPOWER 2 Pack 50W LED Flood Light

led flood light-1

Epower led flood light 50 watt is the smallest wattage in this list. But for LED lights, we all know that wattage cannot be used to measure their brightness, but Lumen.

The LED Flood light provide super brightness, great replacement for 250W Halogen Bulb Equivalent, 5 times brighter than traditional incandescent light bulbs; The Lumpy radial pattern surface of reflector helps to save over 80% on the electricity bill.

UL plug with ground wire connected and working voltage(120V). FCC qualified body of the floodlight; Tempered glass & Cross design of heat dissipation with quality aluminum.

With an IP66 rating, it can be widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting projects; 120°beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing great bright light.


  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 250W halogen bulb equivalent
  • 59 inch of the wire with a switch
  • UL plug
  • 18-month warranty


  • Tempered glass may break


2. For 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light

led flood light-60w-2

Each of Onforu 60W LED security light can replace 350W traditional halogen bulb. With 70 ultra-bright LEDs, can produce up to 6000lm high brightness clear cool white light. 120°beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare.

Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass, can work well in rain, sleet, snow. We can apply them for both indoor and outdoor lighting in gardens, squares, factories, docks, stadiums and other places.

This floodlight with a widened and thickened adjustable metal bracket, more stable and reliable to install it on the ceiling, walls, ground.


  • Well built
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 5 Year warranty
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • 350W traditional halogen bulb equivalent


  • No plug


3. SOLLA 100W LED Flood Light

led flood light 100w-3

SOLLA’s LED Ultra-slim led flood light 100w is a great replacement for a 550W halogen bulb. A 140° wide beam angle illuminates larger areas with a brighter light, no shadow or glare.

An IP66 rating makes it reliable in any weather for outdoor applications. High efficacy up to 80 lumen/watt helps you save up to 82%.

Easy to install with its solid, 180-degree adjustable mounting bracket. Ceiling-mount, Wall-mount and Ground-mount are all suitable for this floodlight with the adjustable metal bracket.

The only part that could be better is the mounting bracket is thin steel and bends easily. I


  • 500W Halogen Bulb Equivalent
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 3000K/6000K available
  • 140° wide beam angle
  • 24 months worry-free guarantee


  • No plug
  •  Thin steel bracket


4. For 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light

led flood light 100w-4

The problem with many LED floodlights is the thin thickness of the bracket. Onforu has upgraded the product for this issue. With widened and thickened bracket (Width: 30mm, Thickness: 3mm), fix your floodlight firmly and reliably on the wall.

Onforu led flood light 100w security light can replace 500W traditional halogen bulb. With 140 ultra-bright LED Bulbs can produce up to 10000lm high brightness clear white light.

Made of Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass, can work well in rain, sleet, snow. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, can be applied in gardens, squares, factories, docks, stadiums and other places where lighting is needed.


  • 500W Halogen Bulb Equivalent
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Thickened Metal Bracket
  •  IP66 Waterproof
  •  Unlimited 5 Year warranty


  • No plug
  • Needed to get an extra part to hook up


5. LEPOWER 100W LED Flood Light

led flood light 100w-5

I own several different watt LED lights from Lepower They have all preformed flawlessly for many different uses. My 50 watt just stopped working recently, so I contacted Lepower to let them know, since their warranty is for 18 months. I had owned the light for a few weeks over a year and they offered to send a replacement out right away. Very good company to buy from. They are very easy to work with if you do have an issue. They stand behind their products and honor their warranty. You can’t beat that! – Elven

LEPOWER floodlight brightness is 7000-8000 LM.  UL plug With ground wire connected and working voltage(110V); 59 inch of the wire saves your money for more wire.

IP66 waterproof design, ideal for outdoor and indoor use. But please do not flood or submerge it into the water(Only for IP68).

 I think the UL-certified plug and switch design is the highlight of this lamp.


  • 500W Halogen Bulb Equivalent
  • On/off switch
  • UL plug


  • Metal bracket a bit narrow
  • 18-month warranty


6. SOLLA 150W LED Flood Light

led flood light 150w-6

The High Performance led flood light 150 watt Outdoor Security Light instantly increases safety and security by providing great bright lighting of 80lm/watt. A 140° wide beam angle illuminates larger areas with a brighter light, no shadow or glare. It’s a great replacement for an 800W halogen bulb

In addition, it’s modern, stylish looking and the waterproof IP66 rating makes it blend into surroundings and withstand harsh weather, perfect for outdoor applications.

The integrated die-casting aluminum housing quickens heat dissipation, while the tempered glass protects this light from impacts and corrosion. Ceiling-mount, Wall-mount and Ground-mount are all suitable for this floodlight with the adjustable metal bracket.


  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 140° wide beam angle
  • Easy to install


  • No plug
  • The mounting bracket is a bit thin


7. AMMON 200W LED Flood Light

led flood light 200w-7

Establishing in 2008, AMMON is a manufacturer specializing in LED light and they provide expert replacement installation though it may need extra cost.

This is the COB LED flood light. 4 pcs high-quality chips, 20,000 lumen output, high efficiency, low consumption. AC 85-265V worldwide voltage. Do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, free from harmful gases like co2, no harm to the environment and human health.

I highly recommend it if you want to buy COB led flood light 200w.


  • 1000W Halogen Bulb Equivalent
  • Epistar chips
  • Easy to install
  • Expert replacement installation(extra cost)
  • 5 years product warranty


  • Without Plug


8. Diagram 400W LED Flood Lights Outdoor

led flood light 400w-8

In fact, this lamp has gradually entered the lighting market since 2017. When I was attending the 2017 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair, some LED manufacturers were promoting this product. They assembled the 400W light by Four 100W lights! The mask of this outdoor work light adopts super-hard high transparent PC and high-purity aluminum reflective film, the light transmission and reflective is excellent.

IP67 Waterproof is the highest rating on this list. For high-power floodlights, you can’t ask too much. Built with waterproof plugs and waterproof housings, no need to worry about rain!

Another advantage is that you will find that although the lights are made up of four modules, each module can be angled. This gives us greater flexibility in installation.


  • 2000W Halogen Bulb Equivalent
  • 60°Beam Angle
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Adjustable modules


  • PC Mask
  • NO plug


9. FAISHILAN 400W LED Flood Light

led flood light 400w-9

Bought these for the back of my house to replace some old halogen flood lights. They work great! Throw out a ton of light (pretty sure the neighbors hate me). It looks like my back yard has stadium lighting. They are way bigger than I expected, but I am very happy with them in the month I have owned them.  – Kael Coleman

The product is built with high quality 10 PCS of led source provide super bright, equivalent to 2000W Halogen Bulb.

The multiple groove shaped design on the back helps to increase air contact around the area. It slows down heat dissipation developing no security risks.

This with a ground wire connects and working voltage (85-265V).

39.3 inches wire length is not very long but is enough. The product is certified with an IP66 rating.


  • 2000W Halogen Bulb Equivalent
  • 120°Beam Angle
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 18 Months Limited Product Warranty


  • NO plug


10.  Morsel LED Flood Light 500W

led flood light 500w-10

I have purchased Morsen LED Flood Light 400W (Outdoor Flood Light Cool White COB Chip Waterproof High Power Security Spot Lamp) on Feb 2017. Now there was 3 LED Light wasn’t working after 20 months. I also purchased Morsen High Power Led Flood Light 400W (Outdoor Led Lighting Fixture Daylight) on April 2018. Now there was 5 LED light wasn’t working after 6 months. I’ve contacted with customer service. They’re outstanding. They are sending two new LED Flood Light 400W. I will definitely be ordering additional lights from them. –Graber

Morsen led flood light 500w comes with 120° wide angle and 50000 Lumen super bright illumination (equaled to halogen 2500W). Perfect for Parking Lot, Garden, Basketball Football Court and Commercial Lighting.


  • Equaled to halogen 2500W
  • Super bright
  • Very good Customer Service
  • 3-year limited product warranty


  • The mounting bracket is a little bit thin
  • NO plug


How to Install Outdoor LED Flood Lights?

Installing LED flood light is usually a pretty easy job though it depends a lot of the product, what it includes, and how clear the instructions are.

Make sure you look at the hardware and wiring on the light you made sure you have a good understanding of everything before you begin.

While you should always follow the instructions that came with your specific product, here are some general guidelines:

  1. Figure out exactly where they’re going to be installed. LED flood lights are most effective when placed up high and toward the corners of buildings where lighting is usually inadequate. This is where they will provide the most coverage.
  2. Once you have a spot chosen, determine whether the wires can reach that area and how you’ll route them from the outlet.
  3. Before you do anything with wiring, turn the power off using the main power switch.
  4.  Find the outlet closest to where you plan to install the light. Remove the face and attach the wires. Typically, this is done by matching black with black wire and white wire to the white wire.


Five Questions About LED flood Lights Answered

1. Advantages of Using LED Flood Lights

There are several advantages to using LED flood lights.

First of all, they use between 80 and 90% less energy than halogen lights which saves money on utility bills. Plus, the beam of light is wider and covers a wider area.

LED flood lights also last a really long time. In fact, they can last more than 20 years depending on how many hours a day they’re used. Most are weatherproof and covered with a warranty, too.Are

2. LED Flood Lights as Bright as Halogen?

Yes. Brightness is measured in lumens and LED lights to provide just as many lumens using less energy than halogen bulbs.

3. Can LED Flood Lights be Dimmed?

They can be but only if the light specifies that it’s dimmable.

4. How Does LED Flood Light Work?

LED flood lights use light-emitting diodes (LED) to produce light. They’re semi-conductors that pass an electrical current between 2 metal pads.

When the amount of current reaches the designated wattage, the energy is released in the form of light.

The reason that LEDs use less energy is that they don’t use heat to generate light as halogen bulbs do. They stay cooler which is one reason they last so much longer.

5. Why is my LED Flood Light Flashing?

Any sort of fluctuation in voltage can cause an LED light to flicker. This could happen for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes it’s as simple as another appliance coming on, like the refrigerator or washing machine. Other times a loose connection between the bulb and the fixture or the wiring can cause it.



Now that you know a little more about led flood light bulbs, you can see why they’re such a great choice for your home. There are a lot of quality options available, too, so you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for your space.



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