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4 Best Smart Bulb for Alexa, Google Home in 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

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Whether you’re arriving home late at night or just need some extra assistance around the house, the addition of smart light bulbs to your living space can help you find your way around without fumbling in the dark for a traditional light switch.
Adding smart lighting to your home is the first step of making your home a smart home. Products like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and several others have the fantastic ability to give you voice control over devices in your home. More specifically, smart devices such as smart LED Wi-Fi light bulbs. Ideal for your favorite ceiling fan lights, floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights, and more throughout your smart home.

Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed the 4 best smart bulb light from 4 well-known brands.

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BrandPhilips Hue

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Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google
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1.  Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb 

1. Philips Hue LED Smart Bulb

Philips Hue’s White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit includes your choice of two or four dimmable colored bulbs plus a hub or Echo dot. What separates Philips from the competition is the depth of its app, which is packed with features, including routines, sunrise/sunset automation, scenes, geofencing and a vacation mode. Plus, Philips Hue works with just about every other smart home system or device you can think of: Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Nest, SmartThings and more.

set up hueTo install, simply screw in the

smart bulb Philips into your desired light location, download the Hue mobile app and pair your Hue hub. Control smart-bulb-equipped lamps and overhead hue lights via the Philips Hue App.

Philips Hue’s coolest feature, Philips Hue Sync, lets users synchronize their smart bulbs with multimedia content on their Mac or Windows PC. For example, you can set your lights to flash and change color in time with music, video or movies being played on your computer.


  • Better support
  • Better ecosystem
  • Stunning color effects
  • Smart hub required and included
  • Controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet
  • 25000 hours of life


  • Expensive
  • Requires bridge
  • Setting Routines could be easier


2. TECKIN A19 E27 WiFi LED Bulb


teckin wifi led bulb

If you’re looking for an economically and competitive pricing bulbs then these are the ones for you! 4 bulbs for less than $45!

Control your smart bulb via your voice with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Just give a voice command to turn on/off or dim/brighten your light, even switch your light to a specific color as you need. No hub required and easy to install. No need subscription.

With warm white (2800 kelvin) light, you could create a cozy and relaxing ambiance in your home for any room. With cold (6200 kelvin) light, you could have a bright life. Brightness is adjustable via a smart life app or voice.

Be sure that you are using 2.4GHz WiFi when connecting with the smart bulb. And WiFi must be detectable status. Many routers have 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz network and your phone will always automatically connect to the 5 GHz network. So, you have to completely turn off your 5 GHz network by going to your router settings (enter the router IP address into your internet browser, usually something like, forcing your phone to connect to the 2.4 GHz network.


  • Great price
  • No hub required
  • 30000 hours of life
  • Teckin customer service is excellent


  • Setting Routines could be easier
  • The white temperature color they do is bright white. You can’t adjust them to warm white


3. LIFX A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb

lifx wifi samrt light

A couple of years ago, Lifx would have just been one of the many tiny blips on the smart bulb radar. However, the platform that started life originally as a Kickstarter project, Lifx is now a worthy rival to Philips Hue.

One of the best features of the LIFX smart bulb A19 is that it has its own built-in WiFi, so there is no need to connect these bulbs to the hub. You just need to connect each light bulb through the app and you’re done. The LIFX app is available for Windows 10, Android and iOS devices.

The light quality is great with Lifx; 2500 – 9000K white light on the top models and that Hue-matching 16 million colors as mentioned.

lifx smart light

Where Lifx outdoes Hue, in my opinion, is with its integrated features when it comes to pre-set configurations and effects. Sure, Hue has an ecosystem of third-party apps that let you do pretty much anything you’d want from your lights – but Lifx puts neat functionality at the front and center of the app to make building your smart home easy.

The brightness is a bananas 1100 lumens, which makes the light brighter than that of the Hue or the TP-Link.


  • Compact size
  • Vivid color
  • 2500K to 9000K
  • Day & Dusk automation
  • 25000 hours lifespan
  • Don’t require (or use) a hub


  • Quite expensive
  • Setting Routines could be easier
  • Device connection is sometimes unstable


4. TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Light Bulb

kasa smart wifi light

For people who have looked into networking equipment for the everyday user, chances are you’ve come across TP-LINK as a brand. Well, Kasa is their smart home division, and the Smart WiFi Light Bulb is one of their best smart light bulbs for Alexa. It comes at a very reasonable price, has a multiple color option, and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as Microsoft’s Cortana.

TP-Link has given its Kasa Smart Wi-Fi light bulb line a significant upgrade. The old LB series has given way to the new KL series, which dramatically upgrades the design of the bulb (for better or for worse) while leaving the core operational features intact.

The overall shape of the redesigned bulbs is more trapezoidal than Edison-shaped, with a somewhat flat top.

The Kasa KL series is available in three versions: a color-tunable bulb (KL130), a white-tunable bulb (KL120), and a white dimmable/non-tunable bulb (KL110).

The tp link smart bulb doesn’t require a hub. It connects to a secure Wi-Fi network at home, and you’ll be able to control the bulb from pretty much anywhere with nothing more than your phone and the Kasa Smart app. The app allows you to do pretty much anything with the bulb – turn it on or off, dim it, or change the colors, all in less than a few clicks.


  • No Hub Required
  • Scenes and Schedules
  • Easy to set
  • 20000 hours lifespan


  • Not compatible with Apple Home


Buyer’s Guide

How Much Do Smart Bulbs Cost?

Smart light bulbs use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a variety of techniques to work, so they are more expensive than traditional light bulbs. It’s important to keep this in mind, especially if you want to upgrade your entire house. But smart bulbs also consume less energy and last longer – which means you can save money in the long run. As you can see, most of the options in this list are well below $100, so the price entered is not as steep as it was a few years ago.

How do smart light bulbs work?

philips hue

Amazon Echo has already proved to be a great device for controlling your lights. You would think that you would need to rewire your entire home to have voice control via Alexa over the lights of your home. But, that’s far from reality.

The way these light bulbs work with Alexa is either through Wi-Fi integration or they have their own smart hub which is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. Once you set it up, which is quite simple, you can switch on, turn off, dim, change the colors, and adjust the brightness (bulb dependent) via Alexa’s voice control feature or through the app with your smart device.

For example, rather than having to get up and walk across the room to turn off the lights, you can just say “Alexa turn on the lights” and the lights in that room will instantly turn on without you having to move a muscle. However, you need the appropriate kind of smart LED bulbs that are fully compatible with Alexa to experience that functionality properly within your home.

Can smart wifi bulb change colors?

smart light bulb

The light bulbs in this list are capable of presenting any color of the rainbow. Color is a fun way to add an atmosphere to your home, but it tends to produce more expensive light bulbs.

Another factor to remember is the color temperature. Higher temperatures, such as 8,500K, look like harsh office lighting, which is good for staying awake or working. Lower temperatures, such as 2,500K, translate into warm, warm luster, perfect for relaxation.

Do Smart Bulbs Need a Hub?

philips hue

Need to remember a more important factor. Some smart light bulbs need to be connected to your smartphone via a home automation center such as Philips Hue Bridge. Other bulbs cut off the middleman and connect directly to the phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, such as the LIFX model. Others use Bluetooth connectivity, but in this case you can only use the Bluetooth range, which means you can’t change lights when you’re not at home. Adding a hub means spending more money and adding another step during the installation process.

The good news is that bulb prices are going down, so it’s easier to get started with smart bulbs and less punishing should you find that a product doesn’t work for you. That said, we want to get you started on the right foot.

If you have used the bulbs in this list, please share your feelings.

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