The Ultimate Guide to UV Black Light

  Is there anything cooler than things that glow in the dark? Ultraviolet black light has a wide range of applications in our lives, from the medical field to the crime scene; from museums to parties. Maybe you haven’t noticed their existence, but it plays a vital role in us constantly. What is Black and […]

5 Best UFO High Bay LED Lamps in 2019

If you are looking for led shop lights, or you want to change your workshop to brighter light, or you are hesitating to use which kind of warehouse lights, then the UFO high bay lamp will be one of your best choices. The high bay lights provide high performance, long life span and energy savings […]

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Hello! My name is Allen Li. I was born in China and currently lives in the world-famous ancient city –  Xi’an. I graduated from Chang’an University in 2017 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in geology. After graduating, I have been engaged in foreign trade sales of LED lights for nearly two years for my love […]

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