3 Things You Need to Know for Interior Lighting Design

The choice of lighting for home decoration should be called the “lighting design” in interior design in a more rigorous definition. The color and brightness of the light, range and angle of illumination, reflection coefficient of the surface material of the item itself determine the lighting effect of the specific indoor scene. The implementation and […]

The 10 Best Tiffany Table Lamp on Amazon in 2019

This article is a complete buyers’ guide to Tiffany lamps. As for their history, you can check this Tiffany Lamps: The Illuminating History of the Iconic Stained Glass Fixtures. ContentsHow to produce a tiffany lamp5 things you need to know before buying tiffany lamp1.  Tiffany Style White Grey Vintage Antique Table Lamp2.  WERFACTORY 18 Inch […]

How to Optimize Interior Design for Lighting Based on Color Temperature

Many designers feel that lighting design requires skill and experience, not to mention that you are not a lighting designer. However, there are several practical rules for home lighting based on color temperature. Although it is not possible to achieve the hotel’s good-looking and advanced effects, it is the easiest way for us to get […]

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