Does Eye Protection LED Lamp Really Protect Your Eyes?


When you search “eye protection led lamp” on Amazon, you will find more than 3000 results.

First of all, it is necessary to state that there is no concept of “eye protection lamp” in the standard. In other words, there is no standard for the relevant state institutions.

“eye protection lamp” is a gimmick created by sellers in order to attract consumers and promote sales.

So what is the truth?

According to data, more than 90% of the table lamps marked as eye protection lamps are actually inferior in quality to those without marking eye protection lamps.

We can simply understand that if you can’t distinguish what is a good eye protection lamp, then it is better to buy a good table lamp, it may be more eye protection.

What to pay attention to when choosing eye protection?

Selecting a No-flicker Light Source

Strobe refers to the fluctuation of the luminous flux of an electric light source at a certain frequency.

Generally, the flicker that can be recognized by the naked eye is around 80Hz. The flicker exceeding 2KHz will be shortened greatly due to the flicker cycle, which cannot be distinguished by the human eye, and it will be mistaken for no flicker.

But strobes still exist, and high-frequency strobes will bring even greater harm.

Studies have shown that a low-frequency flickering light source at 3-70 Hz may cause photosensitive epilepsy for some people;

A flickering light source at 100 Hz may be considered to cause headaches and migraines;

A flickering light source at 120 Hz may affect people’s emotions, and become bored and anxious.

Choose a blue light-free light source

When the blue light reaches the retina, it may cause photochemical damage to the retina, causing macular degeneration and cataracts. Especially in children, the lens is much clearer than in adults. Compared with other lights, blue light can reach the fundus more easily and damage the retina.

The wavelength of light is between 400nm-500nm. The photochemical effect caused by radiation exposure leads to the potential of retinal damage. If the exposure time exceeds 10 seconds, this damage will play a major role.

Choose illumination above 500lux

lux table
It is the luminous flux projected on a unit area. According to the national standard, it requires 500 lux or more.

The color temperature should not exceed 4000K

According to research, the color temperature is moderate, and the light is soft with a little yellow, which is more suitable for reading needs.

In order to avoid possible adverse effects on human health caused by the use of high color temperature and blue light-rich LED lighting products, the color temperature of indoor LED lighting products should not exceed 4000K.

Color rendering index is higher than 82


The color rendering index (CRI) of the lamp is expressed by Ra + number, and the maximum value of the number is 100.

In order to improve the sharpness and fidelity of the work and reduce the pressure on the eyes, the color rendering index of the light source of the reading and writing desk lamp should not be lower than 82.

In order to facilitate the customer’s choice, the color rendering index of the light source should be indicated on the product, instruction manual or packaging.

Even illumination, no glare

The photobiological safety standard requires that the lighting of the desk lamp on the tabletop should be relatively uniform, and the lighting area should cover the area of ​​reading and writing operations.

Otherwise, the uneven illumination in the eye’s line of sight when reading and writing causes the eyes to constantly adjust the size of the pupils, which easily causes visual fatigue.


When you choose ‘eye protection light’, observe the above parameters, you will find the real eye protection light

Last you may ask at this time, what are the reliable eye protection lamps on the market? Do you have recommended eye protection lights or reading lights?

Of course, it does. Please refer to the following articles:

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