7 Best LED Stadium Light for Your Sport Area in 2020

The LED stadium lights introduced in this list is suitable for non-professional stadiums. For example, you have a basketball court in your backyard. It is also suitable for outdoor lighting, arena, gardens, squares, billboards, factories, docks, and other places where high brightness is needed. We have selected 7 best stadium lighting fixtures to meet non-professional […]

Top 7 Best LED Security Light Outdoor in 2020 (Ultra Guide)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said burglary is the most serious concern for homeowners and the most common threats to homes. One of the biggest benefits of installing led security light outdoor is improved home security. By adding bright lights on the outside of the house, you can ensure that the shadows and dark […]

The Best 10 Cordless Rechargeable Work Light LED in 2020

Work lights prevent workplace accidents, let you work quickly, and achieve better results. Working with little light may damage your eyesight and contribute to preventable mishaps. Work lights come in different sizes depending on your type of work. Larger work lights that sit on tripods are suitable for wider work areas and outdoors. We will […]

Does UV Lamp Really Works to Kill Coronavirus (covid-19)?

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden new coronavirus (COVID-19) swept the world at an unprecedented rate. People are rushing to buy masks, disinfection water, alcohol, and of course ultraviolet disinfection lamps. According to the latest research, 75% alcohol, ether, chloroform, formaldehyde, chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid and ultraviolet light can inactivate viruses. Many consumers may […]

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