8 Best Floor Lamp for Living Room in 2020

A floor lamp for living room can provide general room lighting, task lighting, and an ornamental element in your overall design scheme. How to Buy a lamp for living room? Before this list, these tips will assist you to buy the proper lamp for your room. 1. Floor Lamp Height To pick the foremost appropriate […]

10 Best LED Light Under Cabinet in 2020

In the kitchen, craft room and other places, general lighting can only go so far. When you stand by the counter with your back facing the light source, your body will create a shadow on the work space. The led light under cabinet can illuminate the surface and provide the right amount of light, allowing […]

The Best 7 Tiffany Lamp Floor in 2020

Please understand this before reading this article: The value of Tiffany lamps may range from US $ 4,000 to more than US $ 1 million. The most expensive Tiffany lamp costs more than $ 1 million. On Amazon or other shopping sites, most of them are not real Tiffany lights. Most are counterfeit goods made […]

The 8 Best USB Table Lamps of 2019

  Be tired of getting up to find a socket to charge your phone when you lay on the bed? Then get a USB bedside table lamp will be a smart choice. This also eliminates the need to have extra-long cords that tangle up and make everything appear messy. For this post, I have put together an […]

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